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taste Japnese Ramen from Kagoshima

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In 2010, Menya Jiro was founded in Ibusuki City, Kagoshima District, Japan. The following year, it became the first ramen brand officially providing fresh noodles to Ibuski.

In the same year, Menya Jiro’s presence at Oita Ramen festival was met with unanimous praise, raising its profile throughout the region. Soon after, the second and third flagship restaurants successfully opened in Hakata Ramen Stadium, Fukuoka Canal City and Zushi City, Kanagawa.

A Menya Jiro has also actively participated in various ramen events throughout Japan. 

In 2011, Menya Jiro became the first ramen brand from Kagoshima to take part in “Tokyo Ramen Event”, the largest ramen event in Japan.

Winning so much love by the local people, it has been ranked as the “Women’s Favorite Ramen Place”, proposed by the local Television Program.

Also in the ramen events in Yamanashi, Oita, Sendai, and Osaka, Menya Jiro won both the Top Popularity Prize and the First Prize in Selling. top prize n most sales

Again in 2016, Menya Jiro won the same Top Popularity Prize and came out 1st in the ramen contest held in NEW YORK CITY. This brought it the chance to open pop-up restaurants in 2017, partnering with Stirling Sake in February, and Ramen Lab in March.

Adjusting to where Stirling Sake is located (Green Port, Long Island), Menya Jiro created Bay Ramen with local Picnic Bay scallops and organic product, offering them matched with wine. While at Ramen Lab, Menya Jiro provided the signature Tonkotsu Ramen, retaining the genuine Kagoshima style.

Now, finally, Menya Jiro comes to New York on its full-scale operation!



We serve unique ramen that unify world food.


The unique ramen Menya Jiro presents to NEW YORK CITY is a careful of traditions and innovations. The broth is enriched with the combining both tonkotsu and chicken.

Though have been commonly used in making bouillon, adding the fried onions and garlic just before serving the ramen refines the flavor and helps bringing out “umami” while drinking the broth. 

The topping Char Siu is the word for well-seasoned pork belly. The way which is produced has been registered as an intangible cultural heritage.


won the NY ramen contest 2016



Because this is the No.1 City in the world.

Two years ago, USA came to his mind. With thorough preparation, he’s now confident and excited to bring the Kagoshima-style to the Big Apple. 

That’s why Menya Jiro’s first stop of global expansion is NEW YORK. Starting from here.

it’ll introduce this precious Kagoshima ramen to not only USA, but also other parts of the world.